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The author claims that, in our progress, in a techno-logos driven linear and literal way of dealing with reality, we are moving from a macro-cosmic sense of the reality of being to a microscopic knowledge of truth. In the "mythic" vision of reality, the ground is naturally spiritual, but in the "un-reality" that we now approach, the ground is virtually artificial, as in the new singularity and a data based reality. This is not a change in reality, but a change in the human who is becoming focused on data, technos, and mediation, rather than the essence of nature-earth as not only the unique habitat of the unique human and other beings, but the essence of reality which is manifested in the existence of life. This is the real ground of reality, but it requires relationship and experience. The usual example the author gives is that between water, as nature, and human being as an organism, and in this relationship, it can be seen that the essence of water is in the experience of drinking, not in the knowledge and ideas about water. This is a way to look at nature as essence, and life as the manifestation of that essence. In our megatrend, we are moving from this essence being the vision of reality being naturally spiritual toward reality being virtually artificial. Another way of saying this is the move from reality of being to the reality of knowing, or from a macro-cosmic reality to a microscopic truth.

Virtual And Augmented Reality Applications In Manufacturing

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Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are increasingly being used in manufacturing processes. These use real and simulated objects to create a simulated environment that can be used to enhance the design and manufacturing processes.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing is written by experts from the world s leading institutions working in virtual manufacturing and gives the state of the art of the field.


- Chapters covering the state of the art in VR and AR technology and how these technologies can be applied to manufacturing.

- The latest findings in key areas of AR and VR application to manufacturing.

- The results of recent cross-disciplinary research projects in the US and Europe showing application solutions of AR and VR technology in real industrial settings.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing will be of interest to all engineers wishing to keep up-to-date with technologies that have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing processes over the next few years.


Stepping Into Virtual Reality

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This book is the fruit of many years of experience on the creation of synthetic worldsandvirtualrealities.Ourgoalistotransmitthisexperiencetostudents and ease the learning curve required to master the creation of Virtual Reality (VR) applications. We start by providing some brief answers to key questions such as: where did VR come from? what are the main concepts that help us understand this research ?eld? what are the current VR trends? and last but not least, how can we create virtual worlds? Throughout the book we consider the terms virtual environment, v- tualworld and VRapplication asequivalentconcepts: computer-generated environments mainly composed of interactive computer graphics, designed to physically and/or psychologically immerse one or more users in an alternative reality. The ?rst part of the book makes a review of the basic theoretical and practical concepts involved in the visual aspect of virtual environments. We startbypresentingthebasicmathematicalfoundationsforthesynthesisof3D graphics, includingbasicmodelingandrenderingtechniques.Acomprehensive review of the state of the art of computer animation closes this part."

Virtual Corporate Universities

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Over the past years, business schools have been experimenting with distance learning and online education. In many cases this new technology has not brought the anticipated results. Questions raised by online education can be linked to the fundamental problem of education and teaching, and more specifically to the models and philosophy of education and teaching.

Virtual Corporate Universities: A Matrix of Knowledge and Learning for the New Digital Dawn offers a source for new thoughts about those processes in view of the use of new technologies. Learning is considered as a key-strategic tool for new strategies, innovation, and significantly improving organizational effectiveness. The book blends the elements of knowledge management, as well as organizational and individual learning. The book is not just a treatment of technology, but a fusion of a novel dynamic learner (student)-driven learning concept, the management and creation of dynamic knowledge, and next-generation technologies to generic business, organizational and managerial processes, and the development of human capital. Obviously, the implications of online learning go far beyond the field of business as presented in this book.

Existing Beyond Reality Volume Ii

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The Jewelry Maker Adriana and her three siblings lived with their father; a well-known jewelry maker. A storm infects Adriana's dreams, it only has one goal in mind; redemption. As the wind howls and the lightning strikes, the secrets to her past, along with the secret ingredients to her father's unique and exotic jewelry; prove to be anything but just another nightmare. Bitter Sweet Misty stares at her surroundings with swollen eyed pride, finally accepting her fate. Reality has seeped into her veins and it is more than she can stand. She swallows hard as the mixture of her own blood tears and the salt from her drinking glass, brings a bitter sweet ending to life as she has lived it. The Broken Heart Script Amanda has spent years dismissing the signs of a cheating husband; for she would rather believe a lie, than accept the truth. However, witnessing the man she loves so deeply, recite the very words that made her fall in love with him to countless other women, sends her over the edge; and she goes to pay him a visit with only one goal in mind; evening the score. Blue Mood Bradley is a wealthy man, although his money cannot fill the void of what is truly missing in his life. It takes the love of a free spirit named Angel to open Bradley's eyes as to what life is truly about. What will happen when Bradley's fear for the ocean and his love for Angel collides with the wrath from the deep blue sea? The Shoreline A lonely house wife feels as if she no longer fits into the world of success her husband has built for himself. After numerous attempts to gain her husband's love and attention, her mind is made up. She heads to the beach leaving nothing but a note behind, praying that she is wrong. Regardless if she is wrong or right, this is one lesson he will have to learn the hard way. I Survived Stacey sits in her confinement holding onto a thin blanket, listening to the laughter of the men who kidnapped her, determined to survive. She is unaware of where she is or how long she has been there; still she stays strong throughout it all. They have stolen everything from her, and she will not give them the satisfaction of taking her life as well. Still She Smiles Casey stands in-front of the door that holds the secrets to her existence. She has shed her own sweat, blood and tears to get there, and finally the day has come. Destined to find the answers she knocks on the door, but as the old saying goes. "Be careful what you wish for." The Time Has Come Sometimes reality is where you least expect it to be; staring back at you without ever realizing it. A six year old boy named Eddie becomes captivated by a painting on the wall in the bedroom of his new home, although the significance of it, becomes all too real when ghosts from the past take him on a terrifying journey back in time. Traveling Man As gun fire echoes and debris litter Phillips surroundings, he clinches onto his weapon tightly. A soldier on a mission of his own, and with every battle he becomes one step closer to finding what he yearns for, and he will destroy anything that gets in his way. Numb What happens when a beating heart has been reprogrammed? Designed for someone else's enjoyment. Tonya is living proof of what becomes of a person that is no longer a human being at all. She is a machine, blank, and numbness is the only hint of emotion she is able to feel at all. Life's Perception They say life is what you make it. However, my belief is; life has a way of making you. We are born innocent until life leaves its mark, taints our soul and very existence. Life itself has a way of infecting and poisoning the mind, hardening the heart. The reality of life in general can be an altering experience, once you've suffered and survived its wrath. You become immune to the pain, and see the world for what it truly is, along with the evil that dwells within it. A perception that very few have, provided by none other, than life itself.


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